Travel to Costa Rica the Natural Way

Traveling to Costa Rica can be an exciting and memorable journey for any traveler. Costa Rica is one of those countries that have more than their fair share of tourists. Costa Rica boasts over 30 million acres of ocean front land and the majority of its coastline is on the Pacific Coast, in the central Pacific. Costa Rica tips for travelers will give you an idea of the incredible variety of things to do when visiting this country.


Costa Rica is quite a rainforest rich country, especially in the Central Pacific. Costa Rica is a very rugged, mostly rainforested central American country with magnificent coastlines along the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean. Although its capital, San Jose, does have some commercialized areas such as the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, Costa Rica is best known for its beautiful beaches, volcanic landscapes, and natural biodiversity. Approximately a quarter of its land is dedicated to protected rainforest, teeming with many animal species and birds.


Traveling to Costa Rica has become very popular over the years. Millions of people from all over the world visit Costa Rica each year. Because of this popularity, air travel to this country has become much easier. There are now many airlines that offer air travel to Costa Rica. To help you get the best air travel Costa Rica tips for your vacation, below is some information regarding the best airline services to consider.


The first airline that we would like to mention is American Airlines. This carrier flies out of San Jose. This is one of the major South American Airlines and also the first carrier of United Airlines. There are many small flights that fly to Costa Rica each week. These flights are operated by Cessna Airlines. You can book your flight either in San Jose or Santa Ana.


If you want to take your vacation during the cooler months, then Laoango Airlines will be the right choice for you. This is the largest airline of Costa Rica. It offers destinations all over the country and even international flights to the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Nicaragua. They have daily flights to San Jose. You should book your flight either at the end of May until the end of October.


For those who want an even better Costa Rica tips, then looking into a cruise is a great idea. Costa Rica cruises travel to many wonderful locations. One of these locations is along the vast Central Pacific. It is here where you will find the lush jungles, crystal clear waters, and exotic birds. You can also visit Machu Picchu – the Lost City of the Incas – and the misty mountains of Tuacahn.


As if traveling on a cruise isn’t exciting enough, you might want to consider an airline flight. Costa Rica airlines fly to San Jose. You can check online for flight information and times. It’s also a good idea to check with your local travel agent to see what kind of packages they can help you get on your trip.


If you are a first time traveler to Costa Rica, then you will probably want to stay in San Jose. The capital has plenty to offer any tourist. Hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops abound in the city. You should also make the effort to visit nearby cities such as San Miguel, Sayulita, Carara, Santa Maria, and Vera Labrador. All of these cities are within an hour or so of each other.


One thing that many people don’t realize about Costa Rica is that it has one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America. If you are traveling on a budget, then this is an exceptional opportunity. Another good thing about Costa Rica travel is that the cost of currency is very low. You can usually exchange dollars for pounds at most any major bank in the country.


Before you leave on your Costa Rica travel, make sure that you are prepared. For instance, before you leave for your trip, you should make sure that all of your passports are in proper condition. The same goes for your medical insurance. You should also pack appropriate clothing for when you visit the doctor. Costa Rica travel tips also suggest that you carry an extra backpack since the place is quite small.


There are various hotels in Costa Rica to choose from. Before making your choice, do your research. It’s always a good idea to stay in a hotel that offers good customer service, good amenities, and excellent service. Also, be sure to check into whether or not the hotel offers cable television and if they have a golf course.